Autumn Leaf Mason Jar Candle Holder

Some tips for completing:

  • Don’t try to get too perfect with laying the leaves down.  Leaves by nature have imperfections and it looks more rustic when all the corners are not completely flush against the jar.
  • If you’re pulling your hair out with getting them to stick, an alternative option is to cut out pieces of napkin (that have leaf designs on them); napkins are much easier to adhere.
  • Dampen or iron your leaves before you adhere them so they become more malleable.
  • Let the Mod Podge become very tacky to the touch before applying the leaves.  Also, if needed pull off the plastic veins on faux leaves to help them lay better. (The leaves used in this craft don’t have a plastic spine)
  • Use your fingers.  It helps when trying to mold the leaf around the jar.
  • You shouldn’t need to but if you’re concerned about falling leaves, spray the jar with a clear varnish, when you’re done to seal it.
  • I don’t like to use Ball mason jars for this craft- the ridges on them won’t allow the leaves to lay flat.  This is why I chose a plain jar from the dollar store.

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