Pom-pom Trim Beach Coverup

2 yards lightweight fabric – more or less depending on your size, and how long you want your coverup (mine is a rayon that I picked up at a local fabric spot. It has no stretch, but a fabric with stretch works great too).
6 1/2 yards pom pom trim (I didn’t use all my yardage, but I came close)
teal thread + pink thread
trim for neckline (found at the local fabric spot)
1. Fold your fabric in half and cut a half circle, as shown. Open up your fabric and you should have a perfect circle of fabric.
2. Mark the center of your fabric and cut an opening for your head. I wanted a v-neck in the front, so I cut accordingly.
3. Fold the edges of the neck-hole over twice and hem in place with your matching thread. Cut notches along the curves so the hem lays flat.
4. Measure your neck-hole opening and cut a piece of your neckline trim so size. Pin in place around the neckline and then sew in place with matching thread. Then hem the entire circumference of the coverup with matching thread.
5. Once the entire coverup is hemmed, pin the pom pom trim around the circumference, then sew in place with matching thread.
6. Finally, fold the coverup in half and do two small stitches on either side, under the armpit. These little stitches will keep the coverup from sliding around when you wear it, and keep the sides from being completely open and exposing.
Press all your seams, and you’re done!

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